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The Big BUZ: The New MySpace

This week’s big BUZ comes to us from something we thought was on the brink of completely dying off and ceasing to exist. But alas, here it is, a preview of the fully revamped MySpace:

So I’m not quite sure what my opinion of this is. On one hand, it has the advantage of targeting the music industry, which, if you know anything about good business practices, specializing a little tends to help, and a focus on the music industry would definitely be a good idea. However, the flipside is that MySpace already has a reputation as a dying social network, and most people make the familiar “you’re a dinosaur if you still have MySpace” remarks.

MySpace has completely redesigned the website appearance and it actually looks decent, but what do you guys think? Will this redesign help MySpace for the better, and is focusing on the music industry a good idea? Let us know in the comments!

Mists of Pandaria Goes Live!

Three days ago, Blizzard’s Mists of Pandaria server went live with an expansion launch party only the night before, pretty much everywhere. While I don’t think any of us at BoxOfficeBUZ are actually World of Warcraft gamers, but we do realize how important this launch is for people who do play the game. All game expansions add loads of new content, and Mists is no different. This expansion adds the pandarian race, a race of anthropomorphic pandas. Of course, this has been a long time coming, so we’re hoping that people find it worth the wait. Of course, if you play WoW, and have the new expansion already, tell us what you think of it down below.

Valve Gallery

For those of you who know anything about Team Fortress 2, you may have already seen the “Meet the Pyro” featurette, but have you taken a closer look at his psychotic dream land? Well, Laura Dubuk, an artist and Valve designer is the one responsible for a lot of art in the trailer feature, and here are just some of the images from the project.


Images Courtesy of Kotaku

As you can see, these are fantastic images, and as you could probably tell, they kind of show us the psychotic fantasy that is the mind of the pyro. Besides that, it’s a piece of Valve’s creative history and Dubuk’s own wonderful machinating mind. You can check out Dubuk’s website for more of the art that she creates.

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S – Cost Efficiency

Okay, so cost efficiency for the manufacturer may not be the first thing buyers look at when it comes to buying a product, but you have to admit that it does play a small part in considering whether to upgrade to a new model of something such as the iPhone. Ideally, as a buyer, we’d like to see that they’re not skimping on product components by resorting to cheaper parts. Of course, for the retailers, they’d like to not be spending much more than they already are to create a newer model. The iPhone is a perfect example of this.

Looking at the table, a lot has changed. It has double the RAM, a bigger screen, better camera, and overall a lot of improvement. But comparing the costs, the price of manufacturing has on average stayed the same. The biggest variable is the flash memory, but otherwise, there isn’t a huge change.

What does this mean for the buyer and retailer? Well, it means that we’re still looking at phones that make an average of 70% profits for the retailer, and that buyers are still paying $600 – $900 for a product that cost $8 to manufacture. Is this right? Well, sure, if we want to talk about what would constitute a valid system of business ethics. No one said you had to buy it.

With that I want to leave you with the question: did you, or will you, be buying an iPhone 5?

Windows 8 Survey Reveals That Windows 7 is Just Better

We all knew this was going to happen. It happened with the leap from Windows XP to Windows Vista. In a survey done by Forumswindows8.com, 53% of the 50,000 surveyed said they prefered Windows 7. This result was even despite the $40 upgrade cost from older versions of Windows. Of the people that did prefer Windows 8, the reasons why varied between the speed of the shutdown and fastboot, and the Metro UI, among others. I'm actually kind of looking forward to seeing what they do with it, just because I've seen demos and found them to be different, but I'm also definitely going to be somewhat thoughtful about whether or not to take the upgrade. 

Featured BUZ: Geek & Sundry

This week, I want to go back and feature a Premium Youtube channel I've mentioned before, founded and produced by Felicia Day. Geek & Sundry is a variety nerd channel which features shows like The Guild and Dark Horse Comics animated shows, as well as the table top gaming show TableTop, hosted by Wil Wheaton. The reason I wanted to feature them is because in a few short days, they will be launching The Guild season 6. Of course, I won't leave you hanging with nothing to do until launch, so here's a playlist of their Guild season 6 production diaries.

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