Hey BUZ-Fans!

This week is my countdown for the top 10 news making stories of 2012. Now I know a lot of lists say that there is “no particular order,” but the order in which I choose to list these is deliberate. The lowest ranking stories on the list are just the ones that were hugely popular and were really important that I decided to include them, even though in the grand scheme of BoxOfficeBUZ, and nerd culture in general, they really don’t have much bearing, whether because they’re political, over-sensationalized, or just plain stupid. That disclaimer having been said, let’s get started.

10. Presidential Elections

Okay, if you really weren’t in the loop, there was an election in the US. Big deal right? Well, this coverage is on my list at number 10 because it isn’t related to nerd culture, and really doesn’t have a direct impact on my life at all, but, despite that, does have an effect on my life from a much broader perspective. That is, the US economy, foreign policy, and military policy all affect how secure I feel in my day to day life. Anyways, moving on.

9. Felix Baumgartner’s Jump From Space

I get it, a guy jumped from the edge of space, broke a world record, and looked good doing it. This story made it to number 9 not because he did something absolutely amazing and newsworthy anyways, but because he demonstrated the sheer tenacity of humankind in doing so. Again, not a story that affects me directly, but it is one that makes me feel good.

8. Gangnam Style

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, then you probably missed out on K-Pop artist Psy’s breakout into North America with that catchy little tune that people have been dancing to. That’s right, it’s Gangnam Style. I can’t possibly understand what is so appealing about a song that describes upper-class women turning into whores, but whatever floats your boat. Psy’s video has hit over 1 billion youtube views this past month.

7. Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

So I really didn’t want to have to include a story like this in here, because it’s just bad press, but I guess I already did it last week so whatever. I won’t mention the specifics about it, but I will say that what happened was a tragedy, and that media needs to handle itself better, while politicians need to come up with solutions for this kind of thing.

6. Youtube’s Year in Review

This is where we get to the real meat of the year. Youtube has created a channel and collaborated with some youtubers to create a year-in-review. You can check that video out here.

See if you can find all the internet memes.

5. Twitter Trends in Review

So we have another one of these year-in-review things from Twitter, listing what trends were big this year. The list includes Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style, and Hurricane Sandy among others. You can see the full list on Zeitgeist.

4. Mars Rover Curiousity

This is probably a huge news story coming out of the scientific community. In August, the Mars Rover Curiousity touched down on the surface of our red neighbour, and began its work in exploring and searching for life on Mars. We don’t have much data yet, but the fact that we sent a second rover up there, and it’s poking it's nose around.

3. Hobbit Movies

Many of you have probably already gone and seen the first instalment of the novel turned movie, but for those of you that haven’t – here’s a spoiler. It comes in three parts. That’s right, Peter Jackson has turned the movie into a trilogy. We can look forward to the two movies that follow in 2013 and 2014.

2. Disney’s Buyout of Lucasfilms

This one is self explanatory, buy very exciting. If we’ve seen anything that Disney has taken and revamped, we’ve usually seen it succeed. As some would say, it’s time to put our faith back in the franchise, and trust Disney with the universe with which we have fallen in love.

1. Gaming News

So here’s the big one. That’s right, gaming has been hugely successful this year. With games like Journey to the newest Nintendo console WiiU, things have certainly been interesting this year. I won’t go too much into it, because I know Sam will address it later on. But some highlights include Journey being nominated for a Grammy for its amazing soundtrack, The Walking Dead just being amazing, WiiU sucking as a console, Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Halo 4. You get the idea.

That’s my list for this year’s top 10 newsmakers. What did you think? Do you agree with this list? What were some of the biggest stories for you?