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This week on Geek BUZ, we’ve got a line-up of stories about the ways in which the times are changing. Of course, we start with a tribute to the Internet.

The Big BUZ: Happy 30th Birthday, Modern Internet!

That’s right, 30 years ago, on January 1st, 1983, the modern internet was born. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t born, as much as TCP/IP became the standard communication protocol for ARPANET users. And obviously we all know how important the Internet has become for us, so I don’t think I need to say too much more about it.

But my question for you guys this week is : how has the internet affected your lives?

Tech Joy

So this week in tech news, Windows 8 is proving to be less popular than Windows Vista, according to the over at kitguru who reported that the uptake of Windows 8 was much lower than the first few months of Windows Vista, which is kind of surprising, considering the low cost upgrade for the new Microsoft OS.

In other tech-related news, Intel is reportedly in process of developing a TV service that will allow subscribers to pay for only the channels that they want, instead of paying for packages of channels they will never flip through. This new service is supposed to destroy the current cable model. My own thoughts about this are mixed though, as someone who doesn’t watch TV that often because when I flip through the channels, one of the ones I land on may be showing something that I’d never seen before, that I may be interested in seeing, but that isn’t on a channel I would have subscribed to. Anyways, I’m not sure if this will be successful exactly, but it may be cheaper for those who do know what they want, and don’t care to channel surf.

Get In The Game

This week’s gaming news comes to us from Connecticut. That’s right. They’re collecting and burning violent video games. I don’t know what else to add, except that this was obviously in response to the shooting that happened last month. This was supposedly inspired by a suggestion by a 12 year old who said that parents need to have a “real, sound conversation with their children about video games.” I’m not sure how taking video games and burning them is a real, sound conversation, but whatever floats your boat. You can find out more about this story over at Polygon

In other gaming news, Steam is in its last legs of the holiday sale, and while I don’t know the exact figures, a lot of people have been taking advantage of it. You can head on over to Steam to see what’s on sale today.

On The Tube

This week in movie news, we finally have Hollywood catching up with the times. According to engadget, Disney is releasing Wreck-It-Ralph in HD Digital download and streaming format a week before it releases the movie in Blu-Ray and DVD formats. I’m not sure whether the whole $10 Billion+ in box office records had anything to do with it or not, but it looks like they realize that fans will spend money if you can make your content accessible. Now all we need is for the opening of movies to be the same, and we’ll be all set.

This Week In BUZ

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