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It’s time for another edition of Weekly Geek BUZ, and this week, we’re going all political. This past Wednesday was the first of three US Presidential debates, and while I’m not American, this election is very important. Not to mention that the debate itself was entertaining to watch, and worth commenting on.

Apart from that though, we have some gaming news and a few other cool stories you might enjoy. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Big BUZ: US Presidential Debate Number 1

So as you know, BoxOfficeBUZ is based in Canada and the UK. Some might wonder why Canadians and British-folk would find the US elections important. While it’s true that we’re far removed from the domestic policies of the US, it doesn’t mean that we’re unaffected. In small ways, the actions of the US set a precedent for our nations as well as others. So let’s take a good look at those debates, shall we?

First off, my immediate reaction to the debate was that the moderator, Jim Lehrer, couldn’t have been more incompetent/useless through the proceedings of the debate. I don’t blame him for that, but there was a moment where he interrupts Obama to cut him off, and Obama replies, “well, I had five seconds until you interrupted me.” It also seemed like both candidates were just acting like children throughout the entire thing. The best way to put it is that there wasn’t much in the way of real substance.

I want to address another issue, because Fox News and CNN, amongst others, have said that Romney was the clear winner of the debate. I don’t agree with that actually, because I felt like, while Romney wasn’t being a jerk towards Lehrer, he was still lying through his teeth the entire time.

Okay, moving on to some of the issues. National deficit was brought up, and the candidates were asked about how they’d deal with the national deficit, a theme which kind of ran through the entire thing. Among other things, Romney suggested a form of the ethics of care, roughly stating that we don’t want to leave the world a worse place for future generations, and he also suggested cutting PBS funding, which led to this collection of internet memes. Then Obama talked about his $4 Trillion deficit reduction, and how he’d do that with both spending cuts and taxation of the rich. Nothing too exciting or unexpected there.

The next cluster of issues is related to social security, entitlement and so forth. Obama brings up his grandmother (it had to happen), Romney brings up God (again, it had to happen) and my impression was that it was just a blather of vague facts and numbers. One thing that did strike out at me was that Romney pointed out that Obamacare is going to appoint an unelected board to dictate the treatment that is allowed, and that that is a problem. I have two points to make. First, that fact checkers have already shown that that’s false. Second, that’s essentially how it works in Canada, and you don’t see us being babies about it. Let’s be fair, for anything to work, the people in charge need to make executive decisions which will work in the interest of everyone. Of course, this means that you can’t please everyone, but that isn’t the point. It never was. The point of Obamacare was to protect the right to healthcare of the American people, and to help where it can. That’s what OHIP in Ontario does. That’s what universal healthcare all over Canada does.

My overall opinion of this debate was that there really was no clear winner. Both made points worth commenting on, but really, you can’t trust these debates to give you the answers you want, since they were limited by time.

But tell me, what are your thoughts on the debate? Was there anything the candidates said that caught your attention?

Resident Evil 6

Okay, so next up on the list is the launch of Resident Evil 6. Most people I’ve heard from have said that this game is a waste of time. It’s actually really disappointing in some aspects, but it did make up for what you missed in Resident Evil 5.

Gameplay is decent, and the story is unimpressive, and it seems to just not have real substance. I can’t say I’ve played as much as I would have liked, but what I did play was perfectly okay, without the story and all that fluff.

My opinions though, don’t count for much. If we turn to metacritic however, we'’ll see that it was given a 66% as a metascore , which lines up with what I basically said. The really puzzling part though, is the 0.8/10 user score. What happened there?

Mass Effect 3 Retribution

In more positive gaming news, Bioware announced the new Mass Effect 3 DLC, Retribution which is supposed to add on a lot of unique components to expand the game a lot.

If you are a fan, you’ve probably seen it, but here’s the trailer to watch and nerdgasm over again.

Not only that, but our very own Das Hat wrote an article with his thoughts and more details about the new DLC, so be sure to check that out here.

Other Nerdy News

If the stuff I’ve written is still not enough for you, you can check out the xkcd comic I mentioned last week turned into a video game, the reddit story about the kid who was doing the Resident Evil marathon, only to fall asleep at hour 65, or a story about an 82 year old nun who broke into a nuclear facility. The world is weird.

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