Space, the final frontier.... crap... wrong franchise.

Okay so here comes Entropy, another MMO which takes players to the stars and beyond? Looking for PvP and a campaign to help put civilisation back on track, then this one is for you. We've not had a chance to play it yet but judging from the visuals below, it's a game we'll be adding to our lists very soon!

The space-faring MMO Entropy has launched a slew of updates and improvements including a winner-takes-all gladiatorial combat sport called ‘NOVA’. The updates coincide with the game taking part in this year’s Steam Summer Sale, where until Monday 30th June, all three of Entropy’s Founders program – Colonist, Explorer and Founder – will be available at a reduced rate of 33% below standard price.

NOVA competitions pit up to five pilots against each other in a free-for-all duel that sees the winner walk away with not only the spoils of victory, but also game credits. As NOVA sectors are gated and require entrance fees of either 10,000cr / 50,000cr / 100,000cr, winning is about more than just glory – it’s about earning potential! As well as the NOVA sectors, Artplant have also listened to the community and have made a host of improvements to the games GUI, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined experience, as well as adding in brand new abilities.

Each of the Entropy Founder packs feature a raft of benefits, providing early adopters with instant access to the game; starter ships; a generous quantity of in-game currency; multiple character slots and exclusive player avatar items. Once purchased, gamers can work together to shape and influence Entropy’s persistent universe, perform hostile takeovers of rival star systems, mine for precious resources, and or course, take part in NOVA.

Entropy is available to purchase directly from the Steam store now

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