Like Marvel Universe, DC has also decided to expand its universe and bring famous characters from DC comics on big-screen. With Batman vs. Superman, they have already introduced new Batman along with his trustworthy butler Alfred Pennyworth; Suicide Squad made fans see Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Deadshot and The Joker (though fans aren’t satisfied with the little screen time Joker was allotted). This November, fans will see one of the most important characters from Batman comics, and that will be Commissioner James Gordon in most awaited movie of this year Justice League. The role of Commissioner Gordon has been given to J.K. Simmons. It is true that the role of Commissioner Gordon has been of major importance in the Batman story, but this doesn’t mean that you will see much of him in the coming Justice League movie. J.K. Simmons himself announced that fans would not see much of him in the role of Commissioner James Gordon in the DC Superhero team-up movie that is scheduled to be released later this year.  

J.K. Simmons revealed in a chat with Screen Crush while talking about his movie “All Nighter” that his appearance in the movie Justice League is minimal. However, he showed interest in playing the role of Commissioner Gordon and expected that in other installments of the movies in the forthcoming future his role would expand.

If you are a big Batman fan and have a desire to see Commissioner Gordon for a good amount of time in a movie and share screen with Batman then rest assured that your desires will be fulfilled as it is evident from previous Batman series movies that whenever Batman movies are in transitional period or a Batman solo movie it is for sure that Commissioner Gordon plays a big part. Even if any script changes occur afterward, then also Commissioner Gordon character will not be dropped as he holds a significant portion in the Batman movies. For sure significant portion of future Batman Films will take place in Gotham City which will lead to Batman meeting with Gordon for fighting colorful criminals of the city. It can be said that J.K. Simmons role in the Justice League film which is scheduled to release this very year will be nothing but a little introduction of the movie character.

So far it isn’t clear whether J.K. Simmons will be a part of Justice League 2 or not, but on guessing it can be said that he will appear in Justice League 2 also. However, chances of his reappearance as Commissioner James Gordon seems thin because of Matt Reeves presence on the Batman which clearly indicates that major changes will be seen the film as well as the cast and characters. Still, Simmons luck might offer him different chances to carry on his role of Commissioner James Gordon in future films. We all loved his portrayal of the character J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man and expected same delightful performance in Justice League also.