There might be an abundance of active Sherlock Holmes adaptations with two TV shows plus the soon to be revived Robert Downey Jr led movie franchise, but now Will Ferrell joins the ranks of actors to play the world's greatest consulting detective.

Ferrell will reunite with his Step Brothers and Talladega Nights co-star John C Reilly who is set to play Holmes' long-suffering partner in crime, Dr. Watson. Written and directed by Etan Cohen (Get Hard), Holmes and Watson was initially developed for Sacha Baron Cohen many years ago, but the script was shelved after Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes movie triumphed at the box office.

Even though I'm expecting Ferrell to turn in another manic performance, I would love to see him play the straight man opposed to his usual goofball man-child. Imagine Ron Burgundy trying to solve crimes in Victorian London complete with a terrible English accent. Now that I've said it out loud this could be an awful idea, but that's the fine line Ferrell walks with most of his comedies. 

The last time Sherlock Holmes was played purely for laughs was the sorely underrated 1988 comedy Without A Clue. Michael Caine played the infamous sleuth or rather the drunk actor playing Sherlock Holmes who was merely a fictional creation of the crime solving Dr. Watson (Ben Kingsley). 

Will Ferrell is back on our screens later this year as part of the ensemble cast of James Franco's Zeroville. Meanwhile, John C Reilly joins Tom Hiddleston in Kong: Skull Island and will voice the lovable titular oaf in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2. 

Holmes and Watson will go before camera this November and has been earmarked for a Christmas 2017 release.