Late last year fans of MacGruber were rewarded for their patience with news that a TV series was in development from creator Will Forte. Based on the popular Saturday Night Live character, Forte spun MacGruber off into a movie that is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Fans of the film have been hoping for a sequel, but as Forte explains in an interview with Slash Film, the project evolved into a short-run series. 

"We were originally going to try to do a MacGruber 2. And then, somewhere along the way, we decided that maybe it would be fun to try to do it as a series. For different platforms that would be interested in doing MacGruber, it makes more sense, budget-wise, for what we’re needing to make; it makes more sense to do a limited-run series than a movie. So we just started thinking about it in terms of a series instead and figured out this fun season arc. We’re pretty excited by what we’ve come up with, but we’re just waiting to see if they’ll let us do it."

While NBCUniversal is looking to turn MacGruber into a series for its streaming service, it is worth noting that the official go-ahead has to be given. However, Forte shared a little on what to expect from the potential series should it move forward. 

"It takes place about seven or eight years after the end of the movie. So it picks up not right where the movie leaves off, but we explain the seven years [after MacGruber]. I don’t know what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not allowed to say. The thing I will say is if people liked the movie, I think they will like this series as well. It was nerve-racking because Jorma [Taccone] and John [Solomon] and I really were excited about how the movie turned out, and proud of the movie, and so we didn’t want to do something just to do it. We wanted to do something that we felt people who liked the movie would hopefully like as much as that. We’re pretty happy with how things are going. Right now, it’s at the first draft stages of a lot of the scripts. So there’s a lot of stuff that I can’t wait to get in and tinker with and just pare it down and just make it funnier and tighter."

Forte is no stranger to cult comedy, his brilliant The Last Man on Earth might have been perpetually underrated, but it managed a respectable four seasons before its cancellation. All of The Last Man on Earth is available to stream on Amazon Prime and is well worth you binge-watching as soon as possible.