To celebrate the arrival of the most exhilarating action adventure of 2013 - ‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ - arriving on DVD, Blu-ray and Deluxe Edition (which consists of a Blu-ray, DVD, A3 Poster and 4 collectors art cards!) on 27th May 2013, we have a copy on DVD to give away to one lucky winner!

For generations, humans travelled the stars and worked together under the banner of the United Nations Space Command. Now that peace is shattered by insurrectionists, causing a galaxy-spanning civil war.

Cadet Thomas Lasky and his fellow students at Corbulo military academy now train to make this war their future. But Lasky is conflicted about his path, and his resolve is tested when the academy comes under attack from a terrifying alien assault.

Lasky and his fellow cadets fight for survival, only to find assistance from a mysterious ally – a mythic, armored super-soldier known as the Master Chief.