It's competition time again with Box Office Buz and we're teaming up with Warner Bros Home Entertainment UK to give three lucky readers the chance to win a copy of Top Boy on DVD. You know the drill....

A modern flagship four-part mini-series from Channel 4, TOP BOY takes us into the housing estates of East London and on a journey into the everyday struggle of rival drug gangs operating between tower blocks. Revealing the daily battles and hopes of a group of teenagers living on the edge on a Hackney estate, this raw and gripping insight into knife crime, poverty and unemployment amongst inner-city kids portrays the real issues plaguing urban Britain. The grime street-slang, urban culture and real life cast experience add to the authenticity and feel of the show, delivering a stark and innovative production with a sound track to match.

26 year old ‘Dushane’, (Ashley Walters, former So Solid Crew member, Outcasts, Hustle) kick-starts a street gang in the courtyards of the Summerhouse Estate in East London with friend ‘Sully’ (Kane Robinson - one of the UK's rising Grime artists) where they grew up. With help from top don ‘Bobby Raikes’ (Geoff Bell – War Horse, RocknRolla, Green Street), and mother to be ‘Heather’ (Kierston Wareing Eastenders, Fishtank). Dushane aims to become Top Boy by taking over the local underground supply of drugs. Their lives get intertwined with other residents and an opposing estate gang as they face personal dangerous sacrifices in an attempt to rise to the top.

Screen writer, novelist and ex-hackney resident - Ronan Bennett (Public Enemies, The Hamburg Cell) was inspired to write TOP BOY after presonal experiences close to his home. Jointly produced by Cowboy Films (The Last King of Scotland, Poppy Shakespeare) and Easter Partisan Films. TOP BOY delivers a hard-hitting reflection of what life is like on the streets where drugs, violence, ambition and rivalry are a way of life.

With strong characterisation, gripping storylines and a point of view that will surprise and provoke, TOP BOY is about urban lives that are chaotic, tender, violent, funny and in spite of everything, full of hope. Immerse yourself in the long awaited release of a local production that has wowed the critics nationwide as TOP BOY Season 1 comes to DVD on 22 July 2013.