iPhone rules the world. We all know this, it's the biggest brainwashing experiment in recent times and it has worked. It's not that we don't like the iPhone, some of our writers swear by them but this writer fell in love with the platform that tried to muscle in on a market that has already made up its mind. The war between Apple and Android marches on but the new kid on the block is taking another stab with a whole new strategy.

Having just launched the new Microsoft branded handsets the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Microsoft hopes that a new integrated Windows 10 platform shared across all devices will be the way forward. I already know that one big movie studio has seen the light when it comes to the universal business capabilities of Windows 10 Mobile but how can we stamp out the scare mongering that there just aren't the apps to support the platform?

The Truth: The Apps Need Work!

Having been a Windows Phone user since the platform first launched many years ago, I've seen the platform grow but the one frustration still remains (kinda). The apps just aren't there, while the likes of iPhone and Android have Sprout social (business app), Smartsheet and a whole host of other apps which people look for when they buy a new phone, the Windows Phone remains weak.

However, THINGS ARE IMPROVING! With the integrated store across Windows 10 desktop and mobile, the app store has opened its doors to a whole host of new opportunities. The platform has even seen recent apps launch day and date with other platforms from the Fallout 4 companion app to the BB8 Star Wars Droid controller.

It's finally time to step up the game and show people what the platform is made of.

Social Media and Sharing Your Life

I work in social media, it's scary and without the proper tools at your finger tips it can be frustrating. After years of being on the app store, Instagram BETA is still in beta and lacks significant features that can be found on third party apps like 6tag but there are still apps that can do the job. 

However, there is an app for all your social needs including popular apps like the ones below. There are even twitter apps that allow you to run multiple accounts although most tap out at 7 which can be frustrating for someone like myself but you can have more than one third party app, so why not mix and match if you run out of space?


With MS Office going online with Office 365 the prospect of creating documents on the go is no longer a dream. The cloud supports your every saved document and ensures that you can pick up from where you left off from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any other app in the office suite.

This isn't just something for the business users out there. We're often writing reviews on the train home but for those who enjoy creative writing, it can be amazing. Had a creative thought for your novel or short story? Then pick up your phone or your tablet and open the document you need to add it to. 

Windows 10 Mobile has it down and it goes to show that the platform is trying to gain ground.

(One negative? The office suite on iPhone got an update before Windows 10 Mobile devices... A selling point should be that Windows 10 platforms come first before third party!)

XBOX LIVE! Earn more achievements!

Although the Xbox Smartglass app is available on other platforms (STUPID! Yet another universal selling point lost!) there's something to be said about the app store hosting mobile games that allow you to unlock achievements on the go. Bejeweled in my favourite but there's games like Minion Rush, Tomb Raider and Hitman that offer up a fair amount of points for everyone who picks them up.

There's also something great about being able to message your Xbox Live friends on the run as well as see what they're up to without you around.

We Believe!

While the above shows some negatives, it's great to be objective and see that a platform you love is improving and finally catching up with the competition. With the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL on sale now with Windows 10 available for it there's no excuse not to try taking the plunge. Try one out in store, the underdog has something to offer and it can be a trial to get used to something new, especially when smartphones have become an extension of our beings... With contracts getting longer, it can be easy to stay with what you know but it can be good to take a risk.

Improve your life... I did!