Production on the eagerly awaited follow-up to last year's Wonder Woman is officially up and running with some early first look images. To complement the snazzy new shots, Warner Bros has also revealed the title of the sequel as Wonder Woman 1984.

As you can see from the picture below, Chris Pine's heroic pilot Steve Trevor looking confused with his surroundings and rocking a casual sporty look. While it remains a mystery how Trevor survived his apparent sacrifice and how he's come to be in 1984 without ageing a day, Trevor will be the fish out of water for the sequel. That said, the official press release states that Chris Pine is reprising the role (previously thought to be flashbacks or dream sequences), that could be misdirection as Pine might be playing a descendant of Trevor's.

After five movies there has been enough of DCEU to determine that at best it's been a messy and inconsistent offering. At worst, it's an unnecessarily bleak and joyless franchise that was so busy with world building it forgets to give characters any time to breathe. That changed when Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman hit cinemas last year with an unexpectedly bright, optimistic, and thunderously entertaining origin story. Sure, the third act wasn't great, but Gal Gadot's Diana Prince was pitch perfect, and Jenkins kept things refreshingly straightforward.

Audiences worldwide agreed, and Wonder Woman went on the gross more $821 million. In addition to the mighty box office, Wonder Woman proved that the current iteration of DC films was capable of making a great movie. Sadly, Justice League couldn't build on the success of Wonder Woman, and even reshoots by Joss Whedon to include more Diana did little to make Justice League anything other than a disappointment.

Also starring Kristen Wiig as Super-Villain The Cheetah, and  Pedro Pascal in an as yet undisclosed role, Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive in cinemas on November 1, 2019