The ongoing battle to get World War Z 2 off the ground continues to wage on as the long-gestating sequel directed by David Fincher has been dealt another potential setback.

Only a couple of months ago production was delayed owing to Brad Pitt's involvement in Quintin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Now it's Fincher's turn as he's about to start work on Mindhunter's second season for Netflix, and he's unlikely to be finished in time to start on World War Z this year. Taking into account that there is no completed script, perhaps it's a good thing that another lengthy delay is on the horizon.

Based on Max Brooks' book, World War Z shuffled into cinemas back in 2013 after a highly publicised troubled production that saw the entire third act of the film reshot. Third act issues were just one of many problems faced by directed Marc Foster who was reportedly at odds with star and producer Brad Pitt. What was budgeted at $125 million came in a whopping $190 million, and Paramount looked set to have a costly flop on their hands. However, to the shock of just about everybody, World War Z generated more than $540 million worldwide and wasn't that bad. It might have been a name only adaptation, but all things considered, World War Z was surprisingly watchable.

Without trying to sound too snobbish, I still have a hard time accepting that David Fincher is actually going to go through with making a sequel with the burden of keeping a franchise alive, again. Fincher's previous experience with making a sequel goes all the way back to his debut with Alien 3. The plethora of production problems Fincher faced have been well documented, and he's avoided sequels (especially big-budget studio ones) at all costs. That said, his involvement in any capacity makes WWZ2 infinitely more exciting, I can't help but remain skeptical if it will actually transpire. Given a choice between more Wolrd War Z or more Mindhunters, I think the latter is a better use of Fincher's talents and time.