Yes, I am old enough to remember the games that inspired Wreck-It Ralph. Rampage used to be one of my favourites on the SEGA Master System but in Ralph's world he's the one smashing down buildings instead of the beasties of Rampage.

US/NA Audiences can enjoy the wonders of Wreck-It Ralph in Cinemas now but EU audiences will have to wait until February 2013 before these 80's gaming gems enlighten their kids to characters that were once a joy to play, characters who were 2D pixels on a screen with more than just an urge to mow down everything in sight.

If you miss the days of arcade gaming and the 8 Bit/16 Bit era, then the head over to your nearest iOS app store for some arcade delights courtesy of Disney. 


Wreck-It Ralph Now Available for iOS Devices

Disney Mobile Games today debuted Wreck-It Ralph and his arcade universe for iOS devices on the App Store at £0.69. Wreck-It Ralph showcases classic arcade culture with graphics, gameplay and animation made for modern mobile devices.

Wreck-It Ralph players get to experience the adventures of the big screen for themselves. Fans of the film venture forth from Game Central Station through the 8-bit graphic world of Fix-It Felix, Jr., the cy-bug blasting action of Hero’s Duty, and the sugarcoated heights of Sweet Climber.

The achievements system in Wreck-It Ralph offers players worldwide the ability to share their scores on Facebook. Players can also watch their Wreck-It Ralph universe grow with all-new mini-game updates such as the upcoming classic car racing game Turbo Time.

The world of Wreck-It Ralph represents a whole new mobile experience for both nostalgic players and audiences discovering arcade games for the first time. The game demonstrates Disney Mobile Games hopes to not only create its own unique characters and IP, but also build on projects from other parts of Disney.

Wreck-It Ralph is now available for £0.69 on the App Store at