To celebrate the DVD release of Wrong Turn 5 out 28th January, we’ve taken a look at some of the weapons used in horror movies that have resulted in the deaths of many unlucky victims. Watch the clips at your own risk.... they're nasssssty.

Wrong Turn 5 – Combine harvester

The kills in the Wrong Turn franchise have never been fundamentally written in stone; more often than not they're weapons of opportunity or weapons that cause the bloodiest outcome. The simplicity of the first film made way for gory blood soaked insanity that ushered in a new era from Wrong Turn 2 onwards, just check out the blood drenched carnage to come...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Chainsaw

Subject to a number of remakes, the most recent being Texas Chainsaw 3D. Leatherface has become a horror icon known not for his mental handicap but for his other worldly artistic modern dance displays with a chainsaw in hand. Leatherface may not have the horror clout he once did but his penchant for gore ridden deaths and torture make his weapon of choice a truly formidable and frightening tool!

Friday 13th – Machete

Jason Voorhees may not have been the original maniac at Camp Crystal Lake but the events of that faithful night gave birth to a horror icon with mummy issues that couldn't be dealt with through a number of therapy sessions. Much like the horror icons of his time, Jason had a weapon of choice and that weapon was a machete. Used for chores around the camp ground or if you're an unstoppable killer, a tool to dismember those whose only crime was to be a teenager.

Nightmare on Elms Street - Freddy’s glove

Freddy Krueger, the bastard son of a hundred maniacs. A product of rape and a child molester with a habit for killing his prey. When he burned in the fire that killed him, he struck a deal that would see him transcend death, a deal that would ensure no child on Elm Street would ever be safe from the man with knives for fingers.

The glove of Krueger is one of the most ICONIC weapons in horror history. The remake may have tarnished the brand beyond repair but the originals flair for the bizarre and quirky still lives on to this day.

Hellraiser – hooks and chains

Cenobites, one of the many dangers waiting to break out from the depths of hell. Pinhead and his friends have been tearing the flesh from their victims in various ways since the early 1980's and they continue to do it to this day.

With no real weapon of choice, the disfigured and imposing presence of the cenobites are their main tool of choice but they do like to have fun...