Deadline recently completed its annual Most Valuable Blockbuster Tournament with a predictable outcome. That's right Cats made the most money last year with $803 million of profit. Only kidding, Avengers Endgame was crowned the victor to the complete surprise of absolutely nobody. On the flip side of the films that made tons of cash, there are the ones that lost vast sums of money, and 2019 had no shortage of box office flops. Surprisingly, X-Men Dark Phoenix topped the list losing a whopping $133 million

Disney inherited the closing instalment in the main X-Men franchise following the merger with 20th Century Fox. There is a strong case to be made for Disney not doing their all to market the movie. That said, the film that played in cinemas was a red hot mess that no amount of marketing could fix. Repeated release date changes, reshoots, and a first time director (X-Men producer Simon Kinberg) yielded a resoundingly empty movie. Endgame closed out a decade of storytelling with epic results, Dark Phoenix brought nearly 20 years of X-Men to a close with all the flair of a wet firework.

Technically, the Fox era of X-Men isn't over yet as New Mutants keeps threatening to actually be released. Directed by Josh Boone, New Mutants has been sitting on a shelf for three years, and it remains unclear if the planned reshoots took place. Boone recently commented that the new cut of the movie is closer to his original concept, which does suggest that no further filming has happened. New Mutants was due to be released in April, but the Pandemic forced Disney (and all other studios) to make a bunch of release date changes. Will New Mutants ever see the inside of a cinema? At this stage, I'm just wondering when cinemas get to be a thing again.