The penultimate instalment in The Divergent franchise was no match for Disney’s Zootopia at the US box office. Allegiant took home just over $29 million for the weekend and is a far cry from the previous entries in the series that banked $54 million and $52 respectively for their opening weekends.  

Ever since Harry Potter controversially split its finale into a two-part epic, all adaptations of YA books seem to have adopted the same format. While it might make business sense to milk a franchise for all its worth, it is the fans that get short changed in the end. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 felt mostly pointless, The Hunger Games two-part finale could have easily been condensed into one longer movie, as let’s face it; Mockingjay Part 1 didn’t need to be a whole two hours.

The less than epic launch for Allegiant is bad news for next year’s concluding chapter Ascendant, a drop of this kind will undoubtedly cause Lionsgate executives to panic as these movies aren’t cheap to produce. The Divergent franchise didn’t catch fire in the same way as The Hunger Games, and it appears as though franchise fatigue has settled in. It wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Divergent Series: Allegiant, the international box office told a different story with more than $54 million taken over its first weekend.   

Elsewhere in the US top ten, Disney’s Zootopia retained the top spot and has now grossed more than $200 million domestically. Patricia Riggen’s Miracles From Heaven came in third with $18.3 million, and the J.J. Abrams-produced 10 Cloverfield Lane dropped two places to number four with a running total of just over $45 million.

This Friday sees the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,  the two superhero titans face off against each other for the first time and expectations are sky high.