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Ride or Die

  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Thriller

This film is based on Ching Nakamura’s comic “Gunjo”, which weaves a tale of extreme love and hate between two women. It centers around Rei Nagasawa, a lesbian woman in her 20s, and her former classmate Nanae Shinoda, who currently suffers from brutal domestic violence by her husband. Having loved Nanae since high school, Rei kills Nanae’s husband for her. Nanae is filled with disgust and fear toward Rei for having gone as far as committing murder for her, but Rei accepts everything for the sole purpose of saving Nanae. While seeking love from one another, both Rei and Nanae find themselves struggling with incompatible emotions. Ride or Die tells the story of the escape of these two women who have transcended all bounds of right and wrong, love and hate. With the beautiful scenery of Japan, this road movie asks viewers about the true nature of “LOVE”. This film is directed by Ryuichi Hiroki (The Egoists, Side Job), who has sharply and passionately reflected the feelings of characters bogged in isolation. Kiko Mizuhara plays Rei Nagasawa, who appears to live freely but actually struggles through life, unable to open up to her family about her own sexuality. Honami Sato plays Nanae Shinoda, who cannot find hope in life but also cannot die. The theme song will be composed by Haruomi Hosono, who is a crucial figure in the history of Japanese pop music. A soundtrack of varied songs mixing old and new sounds will set the mood of this new love story.


Kiko MizuharaRei Nagasawa
Honami SatoNanae Shinoda
Yoko Maki
Anne Suzuki
Tetsuhi Tanaka
Minami Sara

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