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A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella

  • Comedy
  • Fantasy

This sequel to "Pandora's Box" continues director Jeffrey Lau's adaptation of the Buddhism saga "Journey to the West". Stranded five centuries in the past, Joker Monkey King must battle a variety of monsters, seductive women and super-powered villains to save the dying Pak Jing-Jing.


Ng Man-TatJue Baat Gaai / Piggy
Athena ChuPurple / Lin Zixia
Law Kar-YingTong Chang / Longevity Monk
Yammie Lam Kit-YingJeung Chu Cheng / Xiang Xiang
Karen MokBaak Gwat Cheng / Pak Jing Jing
Jeff Lau Chun-WaiPiu Dai Liu Jo / The Grapes / Grandpa Buddha

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