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A Game of Crime

  • Thriller

David Lugani live in a house with his wife, his brother Charles, paralyzed, blind and dumb, and Secretary Paul. Brother seems to have a special ability, which would allow him to perceive and predict disasters. The fact is that accidents are not long in coming. The host dies, died of a heart attack, and the nurse Charles is mysteriously killed with two shots. Suspicion immediately fell on the widow and the Secretary, felt her lover. The Commissioner responsible for the investigations to grip the two, where a turn results in unexpected (but not too much), the intricate history.


John Drew BarrymorePaul Morand
Luisa RivelliAnna Lugani
Lisa GastoniElisabeth Buckner
Jean ClaudioDavide Lugani
Umberto D'OrsiCommissario Perrotti
Peter DaneDr. Bowen

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