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Alaska Johansson

  • Thriller

Alaska Johansson is the perfect woman and she is the best in her profession as a headhunter. One day she is fired by her boss, a married man who she has an affair with. He also tells her that their relationship has no future. She decides that her best option is to commit suicide with a poison cocktail. She is saved when a child in a Halloween costume enters her apartment demanding sweets. Something is not right about the child. Later her neighbor is going to tell here that there never was a child. Alaska’s world is turning upside down, her perceptions seem to be merely illusions. When her car starts to act on its own and causes a crash, she becomes convinced that someone is conspiring against her. Or is there another, darker secret in Alaska’s life?


Alina LevshinAlaska Johansson
Stipe ErcegNachbar
Sebastian SchipperNotarzt
Alexander HeldE. L. Johansson
Sibylle CanonicaEdnar Johansson
Fritz RothDicker Polizist

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