Alexander Nevsky

  • Drama
  • History
  • War

It is the 13th century, and Russia is overrun by foreign invaders. A Russian knyaz', or prince, Alexander Nevsky, rallies the people to form a ragtag army to drive back an invasion by the Teutonic knights. This is a true story based on the actual battle at a lake near Novgorod.


Nikolai CherkasovAlexander Newski
Nikolai OkhlopkovVasili Buslai
Andrei AbrikosovGavrilo Oleksich
Valentina IvashovaOlga Danilovna - a Maid of Novgorod
Varvara MassalitinovaAmelfa Timoferevna - Buslai's Mother
Lev FeninThe Archbishop

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