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All About My Wife

  • Comedy
  • Romance

Everything About My Wife is a romantic comedy about a man wishes for a divorce. He asks a womanizer to seduce his wife in order to catalyze his divorce. Doo-hyeon (Lee Seon-gyoon) is a timid man, who thinks his wife is the scariest person on earth, and divorce the scariest thing he can imagine. His wife, Jeong-in (Im Soo-jeong) is the perfect woman in other peopleʼs eyes but in fact is the worst wife ever for her husband. For the ‛perfect breakupʼ, casanova Seong-gi (Ryoo Seung-yong) is sent in between Jeong-in and Du-hyeon. The film is new work by director Min Gyoo-dong, who has presented aspects of life through various characters in "My Lovely Week" and "The Last Blossom". The comical element created by the confrontation of a sheepish husband against an overly-cool wife is the film's essence.


Lee Sun-KyunLee Du-hyeon
Ryu Seung-RyongChang Seong-ki
Lee Kwang-SooProducer Choi
Kim Jeong-taePark Kwang-Sik
Lee Sung-minDirector Na
Kim Do-YoungDirector Na's wife

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