An Unexpected Love

  • Drama

Kate Mayer seems to have it all: a nice suburban house, two loving children and a devoted husband. But Kate is anything but happy. She is disappointed not only with her marriage, but with her entire life. In her pursuit of happiness, this frustrated mother files for divorce and gets her first-ever job, working in a small real estate agency. To complicate matters, Kate finds herself strongly attracted to her kindhearted boss, Mac. The surprising twist? Mac happens to be a woman. Will Kate have the courage to risk following her heart? It's one woman's emotional journey of self-discovery.


Wendy CrewsonMcNally 'Mac' Hays
D.W. MoffettJack Mayer
Alison PillSamantha Mayer
Margo MartindaleMaggie
Brent SpinerBrad
Elizabeth FranzDorothy

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