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Anukokunda Oka Roju

  • Thriller

Sahasra (Charmme Kaur) is a chorus singer struggling to make a career in playback singing. One night she attends a wild party at the behest of her friend. The next day, life seems as usual for Sahasra, only she is oblivious of one small detail, the next day is actually the day after. And she is completely unaware of what happened during that one missing day in her life. She realizes something is amiss only when, a few days later, she is chased by unidentified men who try to eliminate her. The rest of the story is about finding the missing links and putting together the jigsaw puzzle.


Jagapati BabuSuresh Reddy (Sub-inspector of Police)
Narsing YadavMachavarapu Abbulu (Drama Artist)
Pavan MalhotraSurya Swamy (Tantra Exorcist)
Ravi PrakashFollower of Surya Swamy
TarzanCorporator's Henchman

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