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  • Romance
  • Comedy

Anna Hallgrimsdottir, a poetess, dish washer and marijuana dealer in her late thirties, lives in Reykjavik with her two sons, Krummi and Ulfur. Anna is tired of her lifestyle and the coldness of Iceland and wishes to show her sons more of the world. Finally she decides to do something about it, move on, and somewhat change her lifestyle. The first step in her revival is to sell her business which consists of her mobile telephone which includes her big list of clients. The sale is an unusual one and the potential buyer promises her the asking price within 48 hours. During those 48 hours Anna gets into all kinds of “Icelandic familial adventures” as her kitchen fills up with customers/friends, partying, while waiting for her to come Back Soon.


Alexander BriemHouseguest
Julien CottereauRaphael
Ingvar Eggert SigurðssonSiggi
Úlfur AegissonÚlfur
Jörundur RagnarssonTomas
Ólafía Hrönn JónsdóttirMarta

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