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Boys on the Outside

  • Drama

Young men with no future have little in the present as well. Natale is released from prison: he takes up with his friends again but none can find work. Claudio, from Palermo, gets out of juvenile detention in Naples and he's met by Vita, a girl who's come from home to run away with him. Where can they go? A young dad, whose potato stall at the market is shut down because he has no permit, takes his two small children to the beach and yells at them. Mario, gay, a prostitute in drag, gets a visit from his mom; he offers tea, then finds the water to his apartment is shut off. Social workers drop by, parole officers file reports. What hope is there? What options besides crime?


Alessandra Di SanzoMery
Roberto MarianoAntonio
Maurizio ProlloClaudio
Alfredo Li BassiCarmelo
Salvatore TerminiKing Kong
Filippo GenzardiMatteo

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