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  • Comedy

Sydney 1988 - Sally and Robert are hopelessly addicted to jacking Intensity with the "stinger", a device which blasts hyper-heroin straight into the jugular vein. When Intensity supplies dry up, Robert scores from the Burgher Meister and carks it in a public dunny, but not before blabbing about his secret research with Liz and Margaret at the Institute of Brain Research. With the help of super-computer INFORB, Liz and Margaret insert subliminal audio and video triggers into a tape that stimulate opioid peptides in the brain inducing the ultimate high, but its effects are untested. The Burgher Meister and his violent goons go after Sally, Liz and Margaret seeking the tape - meanwhile the CIA hatch Operation Peptide to acquire the tape for their own population control agenda. -charybdias, CG.


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