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Bride of the Earth

  • Drama
  • Western

In this rural revenge drama, Güney plays Seyyit Han, a poor man in love with a woman from his Anatolian village who returns his affection. Seyyit Han postpones their marriage so that he can make his fortune elsewhere and return to the village to claim his "bride of the earth." During his prolonged absence, a rich landowner begins to woo the lonely woman, and her brother, intent upon making this propitious wedding happen, spreads the rumor that Seyyit Han has died.


Yılmaz GüneySeyyit
Nebahat CehreKeje
Hayati HamzaoğluHaydar Bey
Nihat ZiyalanMürsit
Ahmet Danyal TopatanHidayet
İhsan Gedik

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