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California Indian

    Nick Thomas, a Pomo Indian and a successful Los Angeles radio host, is forced back to the reservation to help his brother Chi, and tribal leader Rich Knight lead the Tule Lake Rancheria out of danger from a seedy casino investor. At risk is whether the Native American Tribe members decide to accept a payment for instant gratification, or retain rights over the Casino project for a long-term benefit. Based on a true story and actual events at the Pomo Indian Tribe reservation in Northern California. The struggles inherent on reservations today are depicted in this true to life drama transcending current stereotypes of modern Native American culture to showcase the depths of the heritage that thrives today.


    Gary FarmerRich Knight
    Mark Boone JuniorJonathan Jensen
    Gil BirminghamCharles \'Chi\' Thomas
    Julia JonesApril Cordova
    Dennis BanksHimself

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