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Cannibal Vegetarian

  • Drama
  • Thriller

Danko Babic is an ambitious and amoral gynaecologist at Croatia's leading fertility clinic. When his colleague Bantic is appointed as head of the clinic, Babic starts a secret war to overthrow his rival. Distracted by his ruthless campaign he makes series of fatal mistakes that result in the death of a patient. A crooked coroner and a corrupt police officer cover up his misdeeds, while Babic grows increasingly dependant on drugs and alcohol. He begins performing illegal abortions on prostitutes who work for Jedinko, a gangster who controls the local drug and sex trade.


Rene BitorajacDanko Babić
Emir HadžihafizbegovićJedinko
Daria Lorenci FlatzDoktorica Miller
Ksenija PajićDoktorica Domljan
Robert UgrinaDoktor Soldo
Rakan RushaidatHassan Al Sadat

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