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A girl whose name is never revealed (Marisol) and her brother Manolo (Pedro Mari Sanchez) survive as best they can in Madrid with only the help of their two horses, Agrippina and Cabriola. She disguises herself as a boy to work picking up trash. However,she lives permanently with two dreams in her head. The first to meet her idol, the bullfighter Angel Peralta. The second, for Cabriola to become a bullfighting star, for which, with the help of Manolo, she trains it thoroughly. One day, when Angel Peralta has a bullfight in Madrid, the girls manages to come to his house disguised as a boy, and begs him to try the horse. Angel is impressed with the horse, and introduces her to his agent, who will guide her in her first steps as a mounted bullfighter. Everyone believes her to be a young man, and no-one suspects she is really a woman. Gradually Cabriola and "the Boy" are gaining fame, albeit in Comic bullfighting.


MarisolBullfighting Girl
José Marco DavóManolo

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