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Cima Ali Baba

  • Fantasy
  • Comedy

The film is divided into two parts, first part of the character of Hzeliom back again, and set in the planet, "Revue" in space, where kidnaps Hzelqom and are testing it fictional. The second part "The rooster in the cottage" and set in a farm embodies the personality of your Mackie live among farm animals, protect them from wolves and hyenas, which surround the farm, and impose royalties on them.


Ahmed Mekkyحزلئوم / حبش / برابر
Amy Samir Ghanemبدارة
Hesham Ismailوجمنتين / عشماوى
Lotfy Labibانتوسيت / الكلب ماكس
Mohamed Shahinفولتارين / روبلجين / خضر
Mohamed Sallamالارش دوك / الفار سندق

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