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Coal Tower

  • Drama
  • Comedy

Jakub, a young, small time drug dealer, wakes up to find the police storming the apartment building while his parents are both away on holiday. After flushing all of his "secret stashes" in the toilet, he finds out they are actually there to investigate the death of the girl upstairs, a close childhood friend of his and the family. He slowly retraces the past week that she has been lying dead in her flat and remembers that he asked her to "receive a package" unbeknownst to her from his drug dealer, Pexeso.


Radek KuchařRadek
Michal Dočolomanskýotec Jakuba
Vítězslav Jandáksoused
Vladimír MarekPexeso
Jiří Schmitzerinvalida
Martin Hofmanndealer Dan

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