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Copycat Killer

  • Crime
  • Drama

Masahiro Nakai (SMAP) stars in this hit film based on the best-selling novel by Miyuki Miyabe. Directed by Yoshimitsu Morita, the film also stars Tsutomu Yamazaki and Yoshino Kimura. The title “Mohouhan” means “copycat”, and it tells the story of a criminal who abducts and kills women, and those who try to catch him. Nakai is cast as a cold-blooded, intelligent and evil guy who uses the media to announce and show his murders live to the public.


Kanji TsudaHiromi Kurihashi
Takashi FujiiKazuaki Takai
Tsutomu YamazakiYoshio Arima
Kimura YoshinoShigeko Maehata
Misaki ItoMariko Arima
Junnosuke TaguchiShin'ichi Tsukada

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