• Drama

A thin child of about 10, nicknamed "Crow" because she mimics the bird, has no friends and rejects a teacher's hug. At home, she is left on her own, her mom locks her out while entertaining a lover or is asleep. One morning, Crow sees a chubby, cherubic child hugged by both parents as the father leaves for work. When the toddler is left alone, Crow lifts her through the fence and kidnaps her. That day, Crow tries to mother the child, alternately playing with and scolding her, taking her to the beach, leaving shore in a boat, pushing her into the sea in a pique, and eventually carrying the sleeping child back home. Crow returns to her own mother and asks for affection.


Kasia SzczepanikMalenstwo
Malgorzata HajewskaMatka Wrony
Anna PrucnalNauczycielka
Ewa BukowskaMatka Malenstwa
Krzysztof GrabarczykOjciec Malenstwa
Agnieszka PilaszewskaMatka Piotrusia

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