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Dancing Trees

  • Drama
  • Family
  • Thriller

Martha (Katie Boland), 18, sees the world as animated and fun. She has a form of autism that means she is a mathematical genuis whilst incapable of looking after herself. Living in a dull routinewith her cousin Nicole (Brooke Burns), and mother Josephine (Amanda Tapping), she sees the good in everything and everyone. But suddenly, her mother is the casualty of a brutal crime before her eyes and Martha is sent to a foster home. Nicole is distraught and battle for custody of her cousin, but the police constantly block her requests. Finally, Detective Velez relents, on one condition: Martha must help solve the crime and find justice for her fallen mother.


Amanda TappingJosephina Rooney
Brooke BurnsNicole Davis
Katie BolandMartha Rooney
Nicholas LeaDetective Velez
Scott HeindlJake
Melanie PapaliaPenny

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