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Der Erfinder

  • Comedy
  • Drama

In this interesting World War I drama, Bruno Ganz gives a compelling performance as Jakob, an obsessive inventor who lives in a Swiss village. He receives unconditional support from his friend Otti (Walo Luond), but that is about all; the other villagers do not tolerate Jakob's eccentricities very well, and regard him as a crackpot. He perserveres in spite of this obstacle and finally invents a viable carriage that does not run on wheels but on a tread. Unfortunately for Jakob, the military have already come up with the same invention: the tank. The discovery finally breaks him, and he is quickly shuttled off to an asylum.


Bruno GanzJakob Nüssli
Walo LüöndOtti
Verena PeterMartha Nüssli
Klaus KnuthPhilipp Nüssli
Erwin KohlundFabrikant
Ettore CellaPatron

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