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Devlet Kuşu

  • Comedy

This is one of the tragicomic films of Kemal Sunal who is most "serious-comic" artist of the Turkish cinema. This film also reflects socio-economic and cultural life of the 70's-80's Turkiye. The film obviously talk to Turkish audience but who wonder that era of Turkiye can taste of it. The film underlines of love, friendship and -richness in the poorness- and also is a story about the people who prefers love, instead of money and fortune. The theme and narration may include some populist elements -like most Kemal Sunal films- but generally tells its story as well. The story is familiar to Turkish audience: A young man loves young girl. In most Turkish love films one of the partners is rich or poor according to the other but in this movie both sides are poor and they have many difficulties to reach happy end. In my opinion, these kind of movies always gives hope to people to get over it.


Serpil ÇakmaklıAynur
Hüseyin KutmanZülfikar
Reha YurdakulTaşkasaplı Kahveci
Bülent KayabaşSülo
Yadigar EjderMurat
Mehtap ArHülya

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