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Ditte Menneskebarn

  • Drama

Ditte is born out of wedlock and lives as a young girl with her old beloved grandmother. As an illegitimate child she is teased in school and more than anything in the world she wants a father. When steady - utterly reliable - herring dealer Lars Petter shows up and tells her that he is marrying Ditte's mother, the little girl is very happy. Now Ditte must take care of three new sisters and brothers but gets nothing but complaints from her ungrateful, selfish mother. But the little girl finds consolation and support in both her sisters and brothers and Lars Petter.


Tove MaësDitte
Karen LykkehusSørine
Kai HolmKromanden
Maria GarlandHusmor på Bakkegården
Preben Neergaard
Ebbe LangbergChristian

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