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Don Bosco

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Piedmont (Italy), nineteenth century. In Turin, the priest Don Bosco, a man from a humble farming family, he gave himself totally and passionately to the task of collecting from the streets to marginalized children and care for them. Not only out of poverty, ignorance and social distress, but it got for the first time, to feel loved. He fought with extraordinary faith and tenacity to overcome obstacles and snares that both the civilian and ecclesiastical authorities, they put in their path to prevent him from completing his goal: the founding of the Congregation of the Salesians, which would guarantee the future of their children .


Flavio InsinnaDon Bosco
Lina SastriMargherita Bosco
Charles DanceMarchese Clementi
Daniel TschirleyMichele Rua
Fabrizio BucciBruno
Lewis CrutchDomenico Savio

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