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Elvis & Madona

  • Comedy
  • Romance

Elvis & Madona is a romantic comedy that deals with an unusual subject in a delicate and realistic way: a love story between young lesbian Elvis and a transvestite Madona. The story takes place in Copacabana, neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. The screenplay comprehends a full array of human types and, by following the journey of both protagonists, illustrates the conflicts generated by the evolution of behavior and custom. It is a modern and agile picture, and its soundtrack will follow the latest musical trends. Nevertheless, it is essentially a love story, proving that love can exist in any situation.


Maitê ProençaSoraya
Buza FerrazHeitor
José WilkerPachecão
Catarina AbdalaShirley
Jayme del CuetoLélio
Simone SpoladoreElvis

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