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Erky Perky - Cereal Thriller

    Erky Perky is a 3D animated series about two bickering bugs and their unending search for food. Includes the following episodes: •Tongue Tied - Erky’s tongue gets stuck to an ice cube and Perky has to find a way to get him off. •Ghostly Goodies - Perky finds his new invisibility trick can get him places he never thought possible. •All That Cheese - Mad Margaret hosts a talent contest and it's Perky who gets stage fright. •Cereal Thriller - Erky’s picture appears on a cereal packet which surely means he’s famous and important. •She Loves Me Not - Perky is tempted by a magic “love crumb” but his plans are ruined when Erky swallows it instead. •Erky’s Birthday - Erky discovers that the Kitchen tradition attached to birthdays is not all cake and candles.


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