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Escape to Watership Down

    Based on the beloved best seller by Richard Adams, this stunning animated series reunites composer Mike Batt Bright Eyes and the voice talents of John Hurt and Richard Briers from the classic 1978 feature film. It follows the heartwarming and "hare-raising" adventures of a small band of renegade rabbits, who leave their endangered dwelling to make their way across the English countryside, in search of a safe new home. Hazel fears for the future of the warren - they need more does and seek to recruit Efrafa, a warren under the strict regime of General Woundwort (John Hurt). It seems some of the rabbits at Efrafra have tried to escape and they have been severely punished. In order to help these rabbits, in a particular a striking doe called Primrose, Hazel and his brother Fiver have to brave the wrath of Woundwart, which may cost them their lives.


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