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Fatal Intuition

  • Thriller

Jang-woo had only his sister to live for until she is brutally murdered. During a ritual to send her spirit to heaven, he comes across a suspicious man, who manages to escape from the scene. He begins to suspect a local pharmacist and keeps an eye on him. Although Jang-woo is absolutely convinced that the pharmacist is the killer, no one believes him because the pharmacist is considered the kindest man in town. But he gets help from a possessed woman named Si-eun who foresees how people die. Their pursuit begins and Si-eun predicts yet another murder.


Joo WonJang-woo
Yoo Hae-jinPharmacist Min
Lee Young YooSi-eun
Ryu Hye-young Eun-ji
Min Sung-wookYong-han
Seo Hyun-WooDoo-soo

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