Finishing School

  • Drama
  • Romance

Virginia Radcliff, a remarkably unspoiled but naive rich-kid, finds herself at a swank girls' school where everything appears prim and proper, but the motto is essentially "Don't Get Caught." On a surreptitious field trip to the city (engineered by "Pony"), Virginia meets Ralph, a struggling lower/middle-class med student who delivers room service at a hotel at night. They fall in love, much to the outrage of the school's headmistress (Beulah Bondi) and the embarrassment of her otherwise indifferent mother.


Billie BurkeHelen Crawford Radcliff
John HallidayFrank S. Radcliff
Ginger RogersCecilia 'Pony' Ferris
Bruce CabotRalph McFarland
Beulah BondiMiss Van Alstyne
Sara HadenMiss Fisher

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