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Finn and Hattie

  • Comedy

The Haddocks are going on a European vacation and from their reception at the station, where the whole town goes to see them off, it is clear who wears the pants in the family - it's their daughter Mildred. Her parents often proclaim she is a genius - but she is just smarter than them, which wouldn't be too hard! On the train, Finn meets shyster Harry who sizes Finn up as a sucker and quickly wires his partner Bessie, aka "The Princess" to make Finn's acquaintance and take him for everything he has.


Leon ErrolFinley P. Haddock
Mitzi GreenMildred Haddock
Zasu PittsMrs. Hattie Haddock
Jackie SearlSidney
Lilyan TashmanBessie Chalmers (aka The 'Princess')
Mack SwainLe Bottin

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