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For Eyes Only

  • Drama
  • Thriller

The "Concordia" trading company in Würzburg is a secret headquarters of the MID, a secret service agency of the US Army. For years, espionage, sabotage, and diversion operations originated from here in order to undermine the Socialist Republic of Germany. A favorable moment for a military attack approaches and plans are developed. These plans are placed in the hands of Major Collins, who keeps them in a safe. Hansen has worked for him for many years, but also for the Stasi as a double agent. Security Chief Colonel Rock knows there is a leak, but Hansen has passed every test thrown at him. He is trying to deal with his current assignment: acquiring the plans so they can be made public. His mission is to get them out of the safe and into the GDR without getting caught.


Alfred MüllerHansen
Helmut SchreiberMID-Major Collins
Ivan PalecFrantisek
Werner LierckSchuck
Martin FlörchingerOberst im MfS
Peter MarxHartmann

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