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Gambling Ghost

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy

Sammo Hung plays three different characters: Fatty, Fatty's father and Fatty's grandfather, Hung Kau. Fatty is a hotel worker, yearning for sudden wealth. Therefore, he, and his co-worker, enter the gambling world, to the dismay of his father. When Fatty hits rock bottom, the ghost of his grandfather resurrects to help him. However, Fatty learns that his grandfather was murdered, therefore, he will stop at nothing to avenge his death.


Mang HoiSiu-Hon
Nina Li ChiMiss Lily
Teddy Yip Wing-ChoYau Mo-Leung
James Wong JimRich Playboy
Norman Ng Siu-PingYau Tai Sheng
Lam Ching-YingTaoist Priest

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