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HIM: Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 - HIM vs BAM

  • Music
  • Documentary

HIM vs. BAM (82 mins.) (comes with special editions of Vol.1) "Buried Alive By Love" (Bam Margera's making of) "Buried Alive By Love" (Promo) "The Sacrament" (Bam Margera's making of) "The Sacrament" (Promo) "And Love Said No" (Bam Margera's making of) "And Love Said No" (Promo) Bonus Material: "Solitary Man" (Promo) HIM EPK (Interview) HIM TV Spot - Love Metal Making of "Buried Alive By Love" (Trailer) "The Sacrament" (Trailer) "Solitary Man" (Trailer)


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